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DDRMenu has now been merged into the core DNN project on GitHub, which can be found at (DDRMenu files at

Historical information below:

Project Description
DDRMenu is a templated menu provider for DotNetNuke that can produce any menu style you may require. It is supported for DNN 4.5 and above, and is the default navigation provider for DNN 6.0.

DDRMenu is written by Mark Allan of DNNGarden.

What's new?
v2.0 is a rearchitected version of DDRMenu. The biggest change is that the templating engine has been rewritten to support different providers, including new options for templates that use token replacement or Razor as well as the XSLT templates supported in v1.

Example templates
A collection of example starter templates, including basic token and Razor templates, can be found at

Documentation and support
Documentation is hosted on the DotNetNuke wiki at

Please raise any questions or issues on the DotNetNuke forums at

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