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DDRMenu 02.00.03 is very slow with 4‘000 DNN Pages


In DNN 7.1.2 on a Portal with about 4’000 DNN Pages/Tabs a single DDRMenu in the Skin needs about 1.5 seconds to render on a fast computer. Without the DDRMenu the same DNN page needs only about 0.04 seconds to render.

There’s no difference if only the 9 Root-Tabs are shown.

Example usage:
<dnn:DDRMENU MenuStyle="nav2/main" NodeSelector="RootOnly" runat="server" />
The time is used in the PreRender Event and causes high CPU Usage on the IIS, not on the SQL Server. There’s no difference whether txt or razor/cshtml Templates are used. Even with a completely empty razor file it’s the same behavior.

That indicates the time is wasted by building the DataModel with too many data. This can probably be optimized by using inversion of control or lazy loading to only load the requested child-tabs with specified depth.



benigemperle wrote Jan 31, 2014 at 7:10 AM

We decided to use Snapsis Menu 3.4.6 to work around this performance issue.
The identical main- and submenu (two instances) need less than 0.07 to render. Maybe you can benefit from their knowhow.